Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Say What?

Just a quick funny story about Noah.... Zekey got the new Chipmunk's movie and the kids laugh so hard when the watch it! The other day we were in the car and Noah was singing the old song... "You spin me right round, baby, right round, like a record player..." which is in the movie. Noah sang, "you spin me right round, baby, right around, like a rotten egg". Giggle, giggle!

"I'm not a peanut, I'm a PRINCESS!"

Let me be honest with you... I used to see the really "girlie girls" around and think that I would die if I had a daughter who was super feminine. Then I got two boys and we were filled with snips and snails and puppy dog tails and the thoughts of little girls were always far away. And then we had Selah. I have been so shocked to realize what a girlie girl she is turning into! She love anything pink! She has opinions on what "pretty" thing to wear out of her closet. She wants her hair done and her toenails painted and her lips touched with gloss. She wants everything princess! Dolls are her favorite companion -- especially her new princess barbie dolls. You get the picture -- I got a "girlie girl"!

The other day Brian was asking her if she was his peanut (one of his favorite nicknames for her). She said, "no peanut Daddy, I princess!". I used to not like it that B called her a princess. I worried that she would grow up spoiled or thinking that everyone should be expected to treat her like a princess. Then Jesus spoke to my heart about my only daughter. He told me that Selah is a princess. She is a daughter of the King and I need to remember that. This princess nickname has come to represent to me the promise of our dear Lord and Savior... his love for Selah far exceeds any kind of love we could ever give her. He has given her the gift of salvation that I pray one day she will accept. Now my prayer for Selah is that she will remember she is a princess of our King and act like one. I pray she will have a deep love and respect for the Lord and live in the love that only he can give her. Isn't Jesus great for those revelations He gives us? I love thinking about Him my little girl, Princess Selah!

Birthday's Galore!

Can you say crazy?! I am not sure what we were really thinking when we were planning our pregnancies with Zeke and Selah... but somehow we created lifelong craziness for our family during the month of April! Zeke's birthday is March 31st with Selah's just a couple of days later on April 4th. This year we had the added bonus of April 4th being Easter! A couple of weeks later we celebrate B on April 22nd! Wow!!!! Through the chaos we have had a lot of fun over the past couple of weeks. I don't know whether to shout for joy that my babies are now 4 and 2 or go up to my room to shed a few quiet tears over how fast the years are going by. Over these last days I have actually done both!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

10 Years of Love and Laughter

Wow... it's all I can say! I can't believe that it has been ten years since I married the love of my life. Brian and I have been through a lot of stuff in ten years. In some ways I feel like I had to have been just a kid when I married B... it seems like we have grown up together. And in a lot of ways I think that is true. I can still remember telling him on our 3 year anniversary, "I love you but I can honestly say we have only had one good year of marriage." Can you believe I said that? Looking back I can't believe he didn't punch me! He has yet (seven years later) to forget I said that. Marriage just seemed so hard when we first started -- add in moving counties, building a house, and being insanely sick with a pregnancy -- our start was a little rocky! But the Lord is always faithful to continue His work in our lives. We loved each other and Him and our marriage has continued to be strengthen with each year we are married.

We were lucky to be able to celebrate with a cruise... without the kids! Yay!!!! We had a fabulous seven days. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the trip. We laughed because it is hard to come up with new ideas for pictures when one of us is always holding the camera away from us to take the pic! :)

B continues to be the love of my life, and now I can honestly say that we have had ten great years of marriage! And I am looking forward to a lifetime more together!

Friday, August 28, 2009

A New Hope

As you probably know by now, my daughter has not really been what I had long anticipated for my baby girl.  Colic, fussiness, agitation... you name it, Selah Nicole Sher, has had it.  The other day we were walking through WalMart, a favorite pastime of ours, and my hope in having a gentle and loving little girl was renewed.  She hugged a doll.  What, you think -- that hardly seems noteworthy.  But, oh, it is extremely noteworthy in my mind!  The moment actually brought tears to my eyes.  Let me tell you why...

Selah's favorite sound is "AHHHHHHHHH!!!!"  She does it to anyone and anything.  Zeke wakes up in the morning and goes to kiss her face and she turns to him with a sour expression and says, "AHHHHH!!!"  Ummm, okay?  We fill her sippy cup with water because she has brought it to us and she will throw it down and say, "AHHHHH!" because it is not the juice she desired.  Her BFF Halle tries to give her a hug and she says, "AHHHHH!" as she pushes her away.   Selah gets irritated with her stroller because she has run it into the wall and it need to be turned around.  What does she say?  "AHHHHH" as she bangs it into the wall again and again.  She's not partial, people and things alike are the target of her frustration.  

So, walking through WalMart our friend Olivia hands Selah a doll.  Immediately Selah coos at the doll, gives it a kiss on the mouth, and then hugs it while she pats it on the back.  And that's when my eyes watered!  I am praying that this daughter of mine will turn into sugar and spice and all things nice.  Maybe, just maybe, we are heading that way! 

The Symphony of My Life

Last night I was making dinner while listening to the "music" of my life.  Let me explain... I was home by myself with the kids, B was at work(lucky man!).  I am making a family favorite of homemade waffles and scrambled eggs.  This is when the music began.  The pan is sizzling with the eggs while the vent sucks up the smoke.  The waffle iron is sweltering hot and creaks and groans in response to the batter.  Zekey has just pooped and is calling my name repeatedly from the bathroom, with "MAMA, CAN YOU COME AND WIPE ME" thrown in a few times for good measure.  Noah is playing handball on our front door (inside our entryway, mind you) and asking me again and again, "Mommy, come and watch how good I can hit the ball".  And the ball goes, "bap, bap, bap."  Selah is screaming bloody murder in her bed (already being there in time out for stomping her feet and throwing her cup down in anger) and calling "MAMAMAMAMAMAMA."  The phone actually had the audacity to ring during this crescendo of it all.  All during this time I wondered what people do when they have more than 3 kids.  I am actually considering celibacy just to make sure that B's vasectomy will never have the opportunity to show it just didn't take.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

Okay... since we are back to school tomorrow I have been spending this past week trying to catch up in all areas of my life.  My blog was last on my list of things to update -- so... da da da daaaaa, here we go!  Since I knew I wanted to update my oh-so-outdated blog, I have been thinking about what I want to say.  And the biggest thing I am thinking about is how many different forms of communication our society has.  I am actually a little overwhelmed.  It starts with my home phone which I always check my messages on.  Then I also have my cell with which people can call me, leave a message, or even text me.  And how do people decide if they want to call and chat or just text?  I have had email forever and liked checking that to see who emailed me a note.  I set up my shutterfly account about a year ago which lets people see my pictures and I always included explanations about what our family has been up to.  If friends want, they can post a note to us in response to our pictures.  About a month ago I set up a twitter account and was occasionally updating people on my boring life.  Just this week I signed up for facebook and realized that people can now email me on that or just post a little note to me.  Basically, I am utterly confused.  How do I know which is the best way to communicate with friends?  It is pretty exhausting to check all these different forms of communication every day to make sure you don't miss anyone or anything.  Does anyone agree with me?