Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Our 3 Little Pumpkins

We took the kids the other day to Bates Nut Farm.  It was a nice, crisp autumn day -- the temperature was only 95 degrees when we stepped out of the car!  We went with the Sharp family which made the whole day more fun . . . the boys love Miley and Madisen. The daddy's took the kids on the tractor ride and the corn maze and we all searched for the best pumpkins to carve that night.  It was Selah's first pumpkin patch outing which was so fun since I call her my little "punkin'".  That night when we were carving pumpkins we had the boys feel inside the pumpkins before we started scraping them out.  We had the chance to talk about how yucky it was inside, just like our insides before we have Jesus in our heart.  We put a candle inside and learned how Jesus gives us his light for all to see.  We had such a great afternoon and now the boys are more excited than ever to be Darth Vader and Thomas the Train on Friday night for Halloween! 

A Car for Awana's

I love the fact that Noah is getting to go to Awana's!  Even before I had kids I knew that I wanted them to be a part of this program.  I love the fact that children as young as Noah are learning scripture every week and tested on it.  Even if he forgets the exact words of every verse, I know that the truths of the bible will be written on his heart . . . Thank you, Jesus!  Anyway . . . even though I really like Awana's, I was not so happy to learn that we had one short week to make a box into a car.  Really?  With all the other stuff I have going on?  So finally (the night before it has to be done), Noah and his "almost cousins" (that's what he calls Bryce and Liv because he says "we're so close that they are like my cousins"!) got together and made some boxes.  They turned out better than we hoped -- they actually resemble what a car might look like!  But you notice who was finishing the project.  The kids were bored halfway through and thought it would be more fun to ride scooters . . . the fun of being 5!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Our crazy life!

Welcome to the new blog we have created for our family!  We are a busy family of five -- happy to say that our family is now complete.  Brian and I are blessed to have three beautiful children who we adore.  Noah is almost six, Zeke is two and a half, and Selah is now six months old.  WOW!!  Can you say CRAZY!!!  Brian loves being a captain at station 11 for the LBFD, Noah is doing great in kindergarten and starting to read books, Zeke is full of spunk and love, and Selah is already becoming the "princess" that daddy claims her to be!  My job is to keep everything moving smoothly.  We are a family that is passionate about Angels baseball, swimming in our pool, spending time with the people we love, and most importantly, growing closer to Jesus.  I hope this blog brings a smile, or I guess sometimes maybe a tear of laughter, empathy, or joy to your face.  Please enjoy spending time with us!  Love, Kelley