Sunday, August 16, 2009

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

Okay... since we are back to school tomorrow I have been spending this past week trying to catch up in all areas of my life.  My blog was last on my list of things to update -- so... da da da daaaaa, here we go!  Since I knew I wanted to update my oh-so-outdated blog, I have been thinking about what I want to say.  And the biggest thing I am thinking about is how many different forms of communication our society has.  I am actually a little overwhelmed.  It starts with my home phone which I always check my messages on.  Then I also have my cell with which people can call me, leave a message, or even text me.  And how do people decide if they want to call and chat or just text?  I have had email forever and liked checking that to see who emailed me a note.  I set up my shutterfly account about a year ago which lets people see my pictures and I always included explanations about what our family has been up to.  If friends want, they can post a note to us in response to our pictures.  About a month ago I set up a twitter account and was occasionally updating people on my boring life.  Just this week I signed up for facebook and realized that people can now email me on that or just post a little note to me.  Basically, I am utterly confused.  How do I know which is the best way to communicate with friends?  It is pretty exhausting to check all these different forms of communication every day to make sure you don't miss anyone or anything.  Does anyone agree with me?

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Joe and Amanda said...

I totally agree! I have actually considered trying to simplify and go off of facebook, it's too much to keep up with! Miss you, Kelley!
Hope to see you soon. (This is how I'm choosing to contact you...for today!)