Friday, August 28, 2009

The Symphony of My Life

Last night I was making dinner while listening to the "music" of my life.  Let me explain... I was home by myself with the kids, B was at work(lucky man!).  I am making a family favorite of homemade waffles and scrambled eggs.  This is when the music began.  The pan is sizzling with the eggs while the vent sucks up the smoke.  The waffle iron is sweltering hot and creaks and groans in response to the batter.  Zekey has just pooped and is calling my name repeatedly from the bathroom, with "MAMA, CAN YOU COME AND WIPE ME" thrown in a few times for good measure.  Noah is playing handball on our front door (inside our entryway, mind you) and asking me again and again, "Mommy, come and watch how good I can hit the ball".  And the ball goes, "bap, bap, bap."  Selah is screaming bloody murder in her bed (already being there in time out for stomping her feet and throwing her cup down in anger) and calling "MAMAMAMAMAMAMA."  The phone actually had the audacity to ring during this crescendo of it all.  All during this time I wondered what people do when they have more than 3 kids.  I am actually considering celibacy just to make sure that B's vasectomy will never have the opportunity to show it just didn't take.

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Lindsay said...

I hate to laugh at your stressful night but it's kinda funny!! Who hasn't been there! :)