Friday, August 28, 2009

A New Hope

As you probably know by now, my daughter has not really been what I had long anticipated for my baby girl.  Colic, fussiness, agitation... you name it, Selah Nicole Sher, has had it.  The other day we were walking through WalMart, a favorite pastime of ours, and my hope in having a gentle and loving little girl was renewed.  She hugged a doll.  What, you think -- that hardly seems noteworthy.  But, oh, it is extremely noteworthy in my mind!  The moment actually brought tears to my eyes.  Let me tell you why...

Selah's favorite sound is "AHHHHHHHHH!!!!"  She does it to anyone and anything.  Zeke wakes up in the morning and goes to kiss her face and she turns to him with a sour expression and says, "AHHHHH!!!"  Ummm, okay?  We fill her sippy cup with water because she has brought it to us and she will throw it down and say, "AHHHHH!" because it is not the juice she desired.  Her BFF Halle tries to give her a hug and she says, "AHHHHH!" as she pushes her away.   Selah gets irritated with her stroller because she has run it into the wall and it need to be turned around.  What does she say?  "AHHHHH" as she bangs it into the wall again and again.  She's not partial, people and things alike are the target of her frustration.  

So, walking through WalMart our friend Olivia hands Selah a doll.  Immediately Selah coos at the doll, gives it a kiss on the mouth, and then hugs it while she pats it on the back.  And that's when my eyes watered!  I am praying that this daughter of mine will turn into sugar and spice and all things nice.  Maybe, just maybe, we are heading that way! 

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Heather Fretz said...

I didn't even realize that you were posting on your blog!
I love this post, I can just see Se-Se in my mind! I definitely know the heartbreak of unmet expectations and I am glad that God is showing you glimpses of what Selah will be as she grows.